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Carian Lora of Magna Carta!!!

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Carian, Magna Carta: Tears Of Blood
Name Carian Lora
Birthday ???
Age 24
Height ??? (???)
Weight ??? (???)
Measurements ???
Breast Size Large
Cup Size DD
Bounciness None
Nationality ???
Blood Type ??
Personality ???
Occupation Warrior
She is a member of the Blast Worm's four Warriors. She seems to have a distinct dislike for the Queen and is certainly plotting against her along with Azhadi. Her familiar, Serpent Lord, seems to be some sort of hydra with three heads.
Carian, Magna Carta: Tears Of Blood
Carian and Roxy, Magna Carta: Tears Of Blood
Carian, Magna Carta: Tears Of Blood

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